Yesterday I had a very interesting talk with someone who is very dear to me. I told her, perhaps a bit of doubt about my own decision, that I cancelled our cable contract. In about a month’s time, we won’t have any cable anymore. I am heading for a couple of very difficult months and I want to try to save some money. I hardly watch television, only my girls. they have enough dvds they get from their father. I think they can watch television for 2 or 3 weeks non stop. I also changed my land line contract which adds an additional saving.
The total yearly saving will be: 347,40 euro/476,94 usd/303,24 gbp. that is quite some money. You have to know that before I can spend those 350 euros I have make sells for at least 1100-1200 euros (taxes, business costs, ingredients etc). That gives a whole different perspective on things, not being on a fixed income!

During my conversation with my dear friend, she said that it is only luxury and not necessairy. And we talked about what is luxury in our lives, she said that even tea and spices are a luxury. That got me thinking: you see: I live a luxurious life!I have staples of spices, herbs, tea’s (which I blend myself) and coffee!


5 thoughts on “Luxury

  1. That *is* a lot of money!! £303.24! We pay £426.36 gbp per annum (currently) but that is for our telephone, internet and TV. So all three for just a little more than just your TV. We’ve looked and getting rid of the television would not save us much money at all (or at least dh looked a couple of years ago). We could switch to BT but that looks like it would only save us £2.00 per month, and have more limitations. I can’t believe your TV costs so much!! WOW

    Enjoy all that cash, extra time, and renewed creativity in your children!! When we were first married we didn’t have a television, and in many ways I wish we did not have one now. I think with young children I would prefer not to have it, really. Oh well.

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    • Thank you for the comment (which ended up in my spam box??!). I got myself through college with some grants as well. If those options are still there, I surely have to explore those. Frankly I forgot about that. Thank you for reminding me of possibilities which are always there!

  3. “Luxury” is a psychological issue. Some people truly believe they cannot function without a $4 coffee and their expensive smartphone. Others feel like an idiot all day if they spend $4 on coffee. The whole idea is in a person’s head and subject to choice.

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