Easy Sourdough Starter from scratch

I want to make Sourdough breads again. I need to make a starter. This is my easy, difficult to fail method.
It is important to only use flour and buttermilk from organic origin. chloride tap water must be boiled for 5 minutes. I use filtered water from my Berkefeld and leave it out for 24 hours. Chemical additives to the water specific for your area can and will slow down or stop the growth of the bacteria which are needed for the fermentation of the dough. Herbs, honey and milk sour products are good for the cultivation of the fermentation. Start one day (or evening) with the sourdough starter:

1/2 teaspoon raw honey
250 ml bread drink * or buttermilk
100 grams of freshly grinded rye flour
1 teaspoon caraway seeds (crunched)
1 teaspoon fennel seeds (crunched)

Dissolve the honey in the bread drink or buttermilk en mix this with the flour and herbs until a thick but still fluid batter. Put it in a glass jar (700 ml) and close the jar.

Put the jar with a warm place of 20-30 Celsius, like a warm room or near the ventilation system on the back of the fridge. It is ok if the temperature is not meet: it only will take longer for the sourdough to be ready to use.

Every day you have to stir the batter every morning and evening. When little bubbles develop you can start to feed the sourdough with 2 full tablespoons of rye flour. Mix this thoroughly, close the jar again and put the sourdough in its warm spot again.

Repeat this 2 times every 12 hours, in total you will ‘feed’ the sourdough 3 times. Perhaps you have to mix in some extra non chloride water to keep the sourdough thick but not too thick. When the sourdough after the 3rd feeding is starting to develop bubbles again, your starter is ready to use.

How you can keep your starter I will tell in a later post when I give you my recipe for sourdough bread.

* to read more about the bread drink: http://www.kanneusa.com/


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