Food preservation: canning cake

I like my shelves full of canned goods. I can have healthy, home made food from scratch with only opening some of my cherished jars.

I do like to have some cakes canned on the shelves as well. For unexpected visitors or a surprise dessert for the children.

Food storage even saved the (birth)day one day. The girls have been handing out small bundt cakes with some sprinkles on their birthdays on school for a couple of years now. That is what they do here, on elementary school. It became almost like a tradition: I woke up the birthday girl with a fresh cake and a candle and we sang some birthday songs. She would eat the cake in bed, as a huge exception on normal days.
But this year DD1 wanted popcorn to hand out in class. So this morning, I thought, I don’t have a wake up/breakfast cake for her… And then, suddenly, there was food storage: I took one of the canned cakes from the shelves, opened it, put a small beeswax candle in and DD1 liked it as much as fresh cakes!
There are 2 ways to can cakes: one is to make the batter and bake the cake in a conventional oven. The second way is to put the batter in the jars and ‘cook’ the cake ‘au bain marie’. That is what I do, cooking and canning at the same time the cake.
What you need:
250 grams butter
250 grams sugar
4 eggs
juice and peel of half an organic lemon
500 grams of all purpose flour
baking powder
1/2 cup of milk
Mix the butter with sugar, the eggs, lemon juice and peel very well. Then stir in the flour and baking powder. Poor in so much milk that the batter is coming of a spoon easily.
Grease the jars well with buttter and sprinkle with almond meal against sticking. Fill your well rinsed jars only  half with the batter, close your jars and put them in a water bath filled with enough (cold) water.
Canning: 120 minutes at 100 degrees celcius.
The cake will be best used within 6 months.
P.s. we have different conical shaped glasses so the cake will come out with ease.

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