Pantry Cooking: Easy Corn Bread

Today I ground whole corn kernels with my Fidibus grain mill. I thought it wasn’t possible but in new information I received, it was stated it was possible. So I took the change and got my corn kernels out of the pantry. I think it will be a good storage item to buy whole sale. I run the grains 5 times to the grain mill and ended up with a wonderful flour!

This is my recipe for an easy Corn Bread

150 gram home ground corn meal
2 teaspoons of honey
125 grams of home ground whole wheat flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 egg
250 ml buttermilk (but I also use whey when I have if it left from cheesemaking)
60 grams melted butter

pre heat the oven on 210 Celsius. Butter or oil your baking pan and put some baking sheet on the bottom for easy removal. Mix the dry ingredients in one bowl.  Mix in another bowl the buttermilk, egg, honey and melted butter. Mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients.

Pour the mixture in the prepared pan and bake the bread in 20-30 minutes.

Pantry Cooking: Elderberry Muffins with a crumble topping

I love Elderberries, I always make some elderberry syrup, elderberry jams and of course elderberry tincture for my herbal medicine cabinet. This year I also have dehydrated some wild picked elderberries and it is a good time to try them, with the flu hanging around!

Elderberry Muffins with a crumble

500-600 grams/2-2,5 cups home ground, whole wheat flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon salt
¼ cup applesauce or oil (I use organic, extra virgin olive oil)
1 cup buttermilk
⅔ cup sugar (or substitute with your favorite sweetener)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups rehydrated (after rehydration it totals 2 cups!) or fresh elderberries when in season, rinsed and drained
1 egg

Crumble Topping
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup almonds ( I had sliced almonds in stock, when you use whole almonds, just cut them into smaller pieces)
¼ cup home ground, whole wheat flour
¼ cup butter

Heat oven to 190 Celsius/ 350 Fahrenheit.
Mix crumble topping ingredients and set aside. Mix dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt) in a large bowl.
In a separate bowl, mix the wet ingredients (applesauce or oil,  buttermilk or whey, sugar and vanilla).
Place elderberries in a small bowl and add enough tablespoons of the flour mixture to coat the elderberries.
Add the wet mixture to the dry mixture and stir until the dry ingredients are just moistened. Add the berries. Put the batter into muffin tray and sprinkle with the crumble topping and bake for about 20 minutes.

Pantry Cooking: Easy Lentil Dhal Recipe

DD1 had a complain about having soup with lunch, she wanted something else. That is a good idea. The weather is still cold so I like to have something warm for lunch. I got my dhal recipe and will make some yellow dhal for lunch, with toasted home ground, whole wheat, home-baked, bread!

300 grams yellow lentils (you can also use red lentils)
2 teaspoons of olive oil (you can also use ghee)
1 onion, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped or pressed in the garlic press ( I don’t have one..)
2 teaspoons of ginger powder ( i use also some home dehydrated ginger pieces for extra flavour)
1 teaspoon Curcuma
1 teaspoon Garam Masala
2 Bay leaves
some salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
500 ml of water

Soak the lentils for 45 min. Drain. In a sturdy pan heat the oil and add the onions. After 3 minutes add the garlic and spices and stir for 1 min more.

Add the rinsed lentils and the water, put it on low and let it stew for about 15 minutes or until the water is dissolved. Be careful, at the end of the cooking it is easily burned!

Serve the dhal warm or at room temperature.

Pantry Cooking: Fresh Whole Wheat Pasta from scratch

One thing I have enough is, wheat. I buy that locally from one of the farmers. I grind my wheat with a lovely grinder I have with real milling stones. I like pasta and the taste of home made pasta is way better then what you buy in the stores.

This is my basic recipe for Fresh Whole Wheat Pasta from scratch:

450 grams or about 2 cups home ground, whole wheat flour
2 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
Water, as needed (I use the water from my  Berkefield)

Mix the ingredients except for the water. Add the water tablespoon at a time to create a firm dough and it doesn’t stick anymore. You can use either your pasta maker or role out the dough as thick as you can with a dough roller and cut it.

Pantry Cooking: Carrot Soup

We love a soup for lunch with some nice home baked bread, it makes a warming moment in the middle of the day. I like to make a lot of different soups. This is an easy soup with a lot of flavour but your kids will love as well. This recipe serves lunch for 3-4 ppl but you can easily double the recipe.

2 tablespoons of olive oil
400 grams of fresh carrots (or the equivalent of dehydrated carrots after rehydration)
1 leek (or the equivalent of dehydrated leeks after rehydration)
2 tbsp clear honey
Chili flakes to taste (optional)
1 or 2 bay leaves
1.5 liters of vegetable stock

Warm the oil in a pan, fry the leeks until soft. Add the carrots, honey and chili flakes, bay leaves and the stock and put it to a boil. Let it simmer for 30 minutes until all the vegetable are soft. If you use the rehydrated vegetables you can skip the frying step. You can just put all the ingredients in a pan and bring it to a boil.

You can blend the soup until soft but you can also leave it as it is.

Leftover Cooking: Oat Porridge Breakfast Cake

Some days it is like that, you have, for all kind of reasons, a big pot of oat porridge left. I use it in 2 different ways: mix it up with my muffins or I make this nice breakfast:

2 cups of leftover oat porridge
1 cup of rolled oats
50 grams of butter
1/2 cup of fruits you have like raisins, apples
2 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
1 cup of milk
cinnamon to taste
some vanilla to taste

Mix all the ingredients and spread on a baking tray. Bake in a preheated oven on 175 Celsius (350 Fahrenheit) until crunchy. I used a can of canned cherries I want to finish.

Oats for breakfast

Pantry Cooking: Pita Breads from scratch

We had a Marks & Spencer shop here, but unfortenately it was closed many years ago. I really liked their whole wheat pita bread, something you couldn’t buy anywere. I make my own bread since 1990 or so. When I couldn’t buy the whole wheat pita breads,  I started making my own.

Here is a very easy recipe to make pita bread. We like them with all kind of stuffings. I do make them from home ground whole wheat, but you can replace the recipe with white flour if you prefer. You have to adjust the water, because whole wheat absorbs more water than white flour.

15 grams dried yeast
450 grams home ground whole wheat flour
300 ml of luck warm water
2 teaspoons of salt

Mix the warm water with the flour and give it a quick mix (I use my kitchen aid, with the stress on aid) and add the yeast, mix some more and add the salt. Mix until you have a firm dough. Leave the dough covered in a warm place to rise for about 1-1 1/2 hours until the dough is risen double in size.

Knead the dough again and make small balls of the dough. Push the dough balls into flat circles of 1/2 cm thick. Leave to rise for another 15-20 minutes, covered under a towel.

Put the breads on backing sheet, covered with baking paper, sprinkle them lightly with some water and bake for 10 minutes in an oven of 240 Celsius until they are done but not brown in colour.

Leave them to cool on a rack.

Dehydrating Potatoes

I live in an area where a lot of farmers grow potatoes. When I buy directly from them, the potatoes are fresh and cheap, and evenly important: I support their business!

I love potatoes and I always buy some more to dehydrate. It is fairly simple: clean the potatoes, put them in a big pot and boil them until they are almost done. I let them cool off overnight so that I can peel them easily. Then I slize or grate them and dehydrate until they are completely dry.

Another way of dehydrating potatoes is peeling them and blanch them in a big pan and dehydrate. We always make our French Fries from scratch and one day I had some raw fries shaped potatoes left. I blanched them and put them in the dehydrators:

Pantry Cooking: Potato soup with garlic and parsley

I love simple but healthy and hearty foods. I always cook from scratch, have always done that. Don’t think that is too much work, it isn’t! Here is an easy recipe from my food storage. When I still have potatoes in storage I use those, if the  potatoes are finished, I use dehydrated potatoes.


2 tablespoons of olive oil
800 grams potatoes, in thin slizes
1 onion, finely chopped
8 garlic cloves (you can use less), slized
2 hands full of fresh parsley (I use dehydrated parsley from my garden)
1.5 liter of vegetable stock
125 ml milk or cream (optional)
salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

* Heat the oil in a sturdy pan. Add the potato slizes, onion and garlic. Softly fry the ingredients for 10 minutes until the onion is soft.
* Add half off the fresh parsley, all persil if you use the dehydrated parsley and the stock. Bring the soup to a boil, put on low and put the cover on but not close the pan completely. Let boil softly for about 30 min until the potatoes are ready. Add the rest of the fresh parsley.
If  you want a soup with a more creamy taste, let the soup cool down for a bit and then puree the soup with a mixer or in a blender. Add the milk or cream if you wish. Add extra freshly ground pepper and salt to taste.

** variation: potato soup with garlic and leek
don’t add the parsley and replace half of the potatoes by 400 grams of leeks, fresh or dehydrated

** variation: potato soup with garlic and fennel
don’t add the parsley and replace half of the potatoes with 400 grams of fennel