Frugal savings week 31-2013

A lot of water passed under the bridge and I had to tighten the financial belt a lot tighter this year, but a lot of new interesting possibilities emerged from my more ‘tight’ philosophy!

This year I did buy some products and canned or dehydrate them but not as much as last year. Last year I was able to buy a lot of cheap fruits and vegetables and I still have a lot in storage. I decided to only preserve what I am able to find for free. Feeling strange not to can as much as I normally do, I do save a lot of money on groceries and most of the food I cook is still from scratch and from the pantry. I thought it will be fun to make a list on what I save or do frugally every week, that will keep me motivated to go on, on this chosen path.

Last week I bought a professional hair scissor: 34 euro’s (45 USD). I cut my children’s hair. They both have long hair and one has bangs. On average a hair cut costs about 20 euro’s (26 USD) per child. I have ‘earned’ my scissor back in one hair cut of both girls. Although I have never went to the hair dressers with them but it was nice that I cut their hair straight for one time..

Last week I was given 3 broccoli bulbs, 3 bags of spinach, 4 eggplants, fennel bulbs, 6 kilo of packed and cooked potatoes and leeks. This is all food that has been thrown out and someone gives that to me. The vegetables mostly has some brown spots and should be prepared the same day. Most of the time I just dehydrate or can the vegetables.

The spinach and leek I dehydrated, some fennel bulbs, I used into a dinner with potatoes and some canned mini tomatoes and some fish, all in one dish in the oven, sprinkled with herbs from the garden. The broccoli was starting to color a bit yellowish, but it made a lovely lunch. I also made a leek/potato curry with rice for dinner. The leftover wasn’t enough for dinner again, so I added home canned chicken and we ate another curry that evening.

I made some zucchini soup from the first zucchinis from the garden. The other 2 zucchinis I will marinate and make crisps of.

The other day some one gave me 8 vacuum packed organic sweet corns, I pureed them and I made corn chips in the dehydrator. Not sure yet how I am going to use them.


Frugal savings week 4-2014

Because saving is more and more a necessity, I decided to jot down my frugal savings on a weekly base.

I had a good ´score´ at the trift store today i paid a total of 13 euro´s

* I bought a music stand for my oldest 13th birthday on Saturday   2,50 euro
* a small cd player to listen to her library books                               3,00 euro
* a light blue twinset for myself for only                                            3,75 euro
* a wicker basket
* a wooden dish drainer
* 2 vintage boxes with handkerchiefs
* a new clothes line, mine was broke
I also made all our breads and meals from scratch. I brought soups to work and dehydrated fruits as snacks.

I´m canning 10 pint jars with various meats in it at the moment. i was given this meat and I only have 3 drawers as freezer space so I canned it. At least 10 meals for almost free.

What did you safe this week