Frugal savings week 4-2014

Because saving is more and more a necessity, I decided to jot down my frugal savings on a weekly base.

I had a good ´score´ at the trift store today i paid a total of 13 euro´s

* I bought a music stand for my oldest 13th birthday on Saturday   2,50 euro
* a small cd player to listen to her library books                               3,00 euro
* a light blue twinset for myself for only                                            3,75 euro
* a wicker basket
* a wooden dish drainer
* 2 vintage boxes with handkerchiefs
* a new clothes line, mine was broke
I also made all our breads and meals from scratch. I brought soups to work and dehydrated fruits as snacks.

I´m canning 10 pint jars with various meats in it at the moment. i was given this meat and I only have 3 drawers as freezer space so I canned it. At least 10 meals for almost free.

What did you safe this week


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