Frugal savings week 5 – 2014

My child turned 13 so we had a small celebration party. I made crunchy apple pie on request with fresh whipped cream. I used whole wheat flour to make the pie and the apples I still have from fall apples I gathered last harvest. Dinner was home made pizza, also from home ground wheat, home made tomato sauce, some olives, pesto, Dutch cheese and mozzarella. That is the favorite pizza. I put on some pickled peppers to make it more interesting. I had some dough left so I used that to make garlic cheese bread.

I was given 2 boxes with frozen kale and potatoes. I made some white bean and kale soup and canned it. Love the way it turned out. 5 quarts to put into the pantry.  I love to take some soup with me to work. I found an American thermos bottle with a wide mouth opening which I use only for soup. With some home made bread, a very filling lunch.

I had some beef in the freezer and I added some potatoes, carrots, ginger, garlic and onions and some home made bouillon. Another 5 quarts of unknown-name-soup. I also canned some curried cauliflower soup (just the florets, potatoes and in curry fried onions) which I will puree when I open the jar. I have made a total of 15 quarts of convenient soups. I am quite happy with that. I get up at 5 every morning to bake bread, walk the dog and make soup for lunch to bring to work. These soups on the shelves will make my mornings a lot easier!

I bought some really nice fabric scraps for 2 euro’s. One of the scraps I will turn into new throw pillow cushions.

I have sorted out some bags of old clothes which I want to use in later (quilt) projects. I have one bag full of linen clothes which will make a lovely quilt.


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