Frugal savings week 6 – 2014

It was a busy week, but I did manage to stick to not buying but make it yourself. I made all our breads and buns, I also made arame buns with sesame seeds, carrot muffins.
I have to admit that I do wake up at 5 a.m. to make all our preparations for the day: baking our bread, lunches (often with a soup) and prepare our meal in the slow cooker.  I love my slow cooker, I put it on when I go to work and have a warm meal when I come back.

Some one gave me 6 kilo of sliced potatoes which I dehydrated.

I also got 9 bunches of celery. I canned them in 10 pint jars for later use. I love celery in all kind of stews and soups. I cut the celery and put them in the jars and poured over hot boiling water then I pressure canned them for 40 min. I also made 5  x 3/4 liter jars of a celery soup base, so I can make it into a quick soup for lunch.

A lot of ready cut bags of Chinese stir fry vegetables, about 2 kilo, were also given to me. They were almost over the bbd, so I decided to make some chicken vegetable soup. I made some chicken broth from 2 chicken legs I had in the freezer. I put the vegetables and the stock. 5 liter jars of ready made soup.

2 jars didn’t seal, so we will be eating that today and tomorrow.

At the thrift store I got 15 drinking glasses which we always use but do break sometimes of course. I paid 10 euro cent each.

I cut my children’s hair and saved a trip to the hair dresser.

I made 2 throw pillow cushions from a piece of fabric I bought for 50 euro cents the other week. I got enough left to even make a small lunch bag.


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