Food Preservation: Onion, Garlic and Ginger Sambal

chilli peppers hot sauceSambal is a delicious chili based sauce which is normally used as a condiment.  Sambals are popular in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, parts of the Philippines and Sri Lanka. This type of hot sauce is also popular in the Netherlands and Suriname through the Indonesian influences.  Typically it is made from different type of chili peppers. Often the sambal is made fresh and eaten directly with the meal, but some are made to be kept for several weeks in the fridge. You can find all kind sambals: made with fruits, vegetables or even fish. It can be extremely spicy or just mildly spiced. In my family we LOVE to make sambals and like to experiment with them. Here is one of our favorite recipe. We eat sambal with almost every meal, but also on our cheese sandwich to spice up our meals.

onions and peppers (2)

11 red lomboks (red chillies, you can use what ever kind of chillies you prever)
100 gram fresh ginger
12 shallots (but I used regular onions with good results too)
1/4 teaspoon salt
9 cloves garlic
4 tablespoons oil (I like to use a neutral flavored one like sunflower oil)

Cut all your ingredients in very small pieces. Heat up the oil in an heavy skillet and cook the ingredients for about 5 minutes. Poor the mixture in little, sterilized jars. You can reuse jars for this. Screw on the lid and put them upside down on a towel. After it cooled down, label and date the jars. You can put the jars in the fridge and it will keep for several weeks.


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