Frugal Savings week 9 – 2014

This week I focused on the start of my small garden. I put together the green house I bought last week and got my cold frame started. The seeds i have started indoors are doing very well. Especially the rocket lettuce. It was really nice to work in the garden in between the rain showers. When I am in the garden, I let the 2 chickens walk free. They love to be around me because I give them the best worms in the garden…

I had  kilo of china beans put them into portions and put them in the freezer for later use.

I made a new starter for sourdough. I love sourdough but sometimes don’t take the time to bake the bread. When you make a sourdough after a couple of days of feeding you pour off about half of the sourdough. Then you start feeding what was left. But I don’t like to waist the part that I poured off so I used that in small sourdough pancakes. It is a very simple recipe: 4 cups of flour with 1 cup of sourdough and 1 cup of the sourdough. Then mix in some baking powder, salt and 2 eggs. I made it in the morning and let it rest on the counter. At lunch I made the pancakes and they are really nice. If you want to bake thinner pancakes, simply half the cups (2 in stead of 4) of flour.

I still had some water kefir grains but there was no life in the bottle anymore. I am trying to ‘revive’ them, but until now it doesn’t seem they are going to do so… I did order some milk kefir grains and a kombucha mother. It would be nice to make some home made fizzy drinks again.

I had quite some fennel bulbs which I love. I made them into a salty souper mix. I use that to make my soups. You know I love soups for lunch. I try to take soups with me to work and this week I made kohlrabi-pumpkin soup, creamy coconut-cauliflower soup and cabbage whey soup.

I got another 10 liters raw milk from the farmer and made fresh farmer cheese and buttermilk. Last week I also made some fresh, soft cheese and I loved to take it with me to work with some home made green Tabasco sauce and homemade rye/wheat bread.
Besides the fresh cheese I also made some buttermilk.

Last year I bought 2 cast iron pans at flea markets. One is just a small Dutch oven but missing the handle. Another one is a very old waffle iron. I think it misses its cast which they put on the wood stove. I think it will be alright to use on the gas stove now, but I am not sure. I bought the first pan for 3 euro’s and the waffle iron for 5 euro’s. Not too expensive so I was willing to take the risk with the buy. Both pans were a bit rusty so last week I spend one evening scrubbing and re-seasoning with some help of the oven. The Dutch oven turned out beautifully, but the waffle iron needed another treatment.


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