Frugal savings week 10 – 2014

The weeks pass by so fast, I don´t get done what I want to.Sometimes maintaining what you have going are taking more time, so not a lot of spare time to start new projects.

I continued with reviving my water kefir. No luck yet but perhaps with some more patience I will be able to make some lovely water kefir soon.

The cast iron Dutch oven I seasoned last time turned out very well, but I was not happy with the cast iron waffle iron. I started to reseason that one again.

I ordered some milk kefir and kombucha and started new batches. I started the kefir with store bought milk and it was ready in 1 day. I went to the farmer and got 20 liters of raw milk this time and made Neufchatel cheese (farmer’s cheese) and hard cheese (Gouda type cheese). I also made kefir from the raw milk, which has a lovely, rich flavor.

I baked Dutch pancakes because we had a friend of my youngest over and I baked rye sourdough bread with walnuts. I used up some of the whey I had from the cheese making.

I had some luck with my findings in the thrift store: I found a stainless steel frying pan from BK. Normally those pans are pretty expensive here. This one was obviously not used often and brought it home for only 2,50 euro’s.
I found 2 small canning jars: one weck and one parfait for only 0,25 eurcent a piece. We eat a lot of canned goods right now, but I do want to keep some empty jars in storage so I can can when the opportunity is there.
I also found a very old cheese mould for a small cheese for only 1,50 euro’s. I need to make a top to be able to actually use the cheese, but that will not be a very difficult job (I think).
I also brought home a very nice summer skirt for myself and a dress for my oldest, they were only 2,25 euro each.

Someone heard that I am a canner and she gave me her old canning jars. I think I have a total of 25 different sized jars. I am very happy with them. There were even 4 weck jars from 1.5 liter, which are rarely found. Two of them I can’t use because they are chipped but I use them for storage.

I planted again some broad beans because the other seeds aren’t doing well. Those were old seeds but I did want to try the


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