Frugal savings week 13 – 2014

I haven’t done much this week because I have been under the weather and been in bed for most of the days this week. I did, of course baked my breads and made all the lunches and meals from scratch. Our favorite meal this week was falafal from scratch with tahini  and yogurt garlic sauce.

I didn’t go to get milk and make cheese. I had prepared everything for making some Camembert cheese but figured I should focus on getting better instead of making more cheese. I did do something in the cheese making area: I have been reading up about storing cheese and how to make cheese caves. I am getting better and better in making cheese and I sure want to keep on going. The prices of milk went up, while I haven’t been ‘looking’. In the store the milk is now 60 euro cent per liter. I still pay 40 euro cent at the farmer (for the most fresh and raw milk). There is always a next week to start make some cheese again.

I always have potatoes, onions and garlic in the shed, but spring came early and they need to be eaten soon because they start to sprout. This time I dehydrated grated potatoes which are very convenient to make a Swiss dish called rösti. The sprouted garlic I planted in my green house (tent). I know you get bigger bulbs when you plant the garlic before the winter, but I have sprouted bulbs now and don’t want to waste them. It will be a nice experiment. I will deal with the onions next week.

I have mended some clothes again. Second hand clothes are seriously more prone to small holes or missing  so I frequently have to repair the clothes. I was very lucky because my sister gave me a lot of clothes for my smallest daughter. Her clothes are always the most special and original.

We went to the thrift store and the children picked out some clothes which they liked. It is nice to buy second hand clothes: you can find such a lovely clothes. My oldest daughter found a short, black cardigan with a draped front. It was from a designer’s brand from Amsterdam. It is expensive when you have to buy retail, but we bought it for 2.50 euro. It seriously had never been worn or washed!

What I did start this week is trying to fix the old wooden floor in the living room. It is very nice old wood but the wood is dried out a lot. The floor had also a lot of paint stains on it and I tried to get most of it off with a heat gun. I had some vegetable oil and I am rubbing the oil into the wood. It looks a bit strange now, but hopefully when the oil penetrates the wood it will get more nice.

My shovel broke last week so I decided to buy a quality one this time. It is a special shovel for clay ground. Quite expensive 39 euros but I hope it works better then the other one I bought.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I will go to a neighbor who is Colombian and we are going to learn how to make 2 Colombian dishes. I am looking forward to that.

Not much this week… Hopefully next week will be more fruitful.


1 thought on “Frugal savings week 13 – 2014

  1. tell me how your ‘oiling the floor’ turned out….I have a pine floor in the kitchen. It is very soft wood- I dont know why the builders used it, except perhaps it was the cheapest they could find, it is easily gouged, marked etc. Looks bad. Once, I paid a carpenter to ‘fix’ it, but it didn’t work…

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