Frugal savings week 14 – 2014

This week I focused on the abundance of leeks and onions I have. The onions are going to sprout and I need to preserve them otherwise I can throw them out.

We had a warm winter and an early spring so my Savoy cabbages is almost going to sprout. I dehydrated the cabbage leaves to make filled cabbage dishes later on.

Some one gave me an hop shoot and I planted that in the garden near my shed. I hope it will stick and grow. I love hop and its versatile use. The lady who gave me the shoot said that she doesn’t like it because it is like weeds. I think we have lost our touches with hop and its many uses. Hop tea is dated way back to the ancient times. Hop can be used as an infusion, a tea or in sleep pillows. Hop tea is said to help with insomnia, cleanses your blood, relieve with gas and cramps. An infusion is stronger then a tea. You can make an infusion by putting 1 ounce of dried hops in a liter (quart) jar and fill with boiling water. Cover and steep for 4 to 8 hours. Strain the infusion and keep in the refrigerator for 2 days. You can drink it warm or cold. For the tea you steep for 10 to 20 minutes. Then strain and drink.

This lady also had an old quince tree in her garden and said that last year she threw all the quinces away because nobody wants them and they started to rot on the ground. I was shocked and offered to pick and take the quinces and make her some nice jam, and she loved that. I love quinces! I feel very lucky, to be able to get them.

I planted 4 raspberry plants:  2 are late summer and 2 are early summer, so if I did it correctly we can eat of raspberry for a longer period.

I forked over one part of the small garden. My dog helps me with breaking down the heavy clay ground. helping dogAnd then: broad beans… again. I planted broad beans indoors, twice! But the seeds were too old and didn’t sprout. I had newer beans and I planted them directly in the (clay) ground and put 1/2 liter plastic jars over them so the chickens will not eat the green sprouts. The garlic is doing very well in the greenhouse tent and the apple, pear and plum trees are doing well. The apple tree even has some blossom already. Perhaps we can pick an apple or two this year.

I made another 5 liter batch of home made laundry soap and my home made laundry softener with vinegar and essential oils. My sister came last weekend and she helped me getting through my laundry pile. I fell so behind with the laundry. It quickly dried because the weather is nice and we could hang it all outside. With the slinking laundry pile, I also ran out of laundry liquid.

Last week I skipped cheese making from fresh, raw milk straight from the farmer. This week I got my regular 20 liters to make my cheese, ricotta and yogurt. I hope to make some butter as well.  I waxed 2 cheeses.



1 thought on “Frugal savings week 14 – 2014

  1. nice article! I wish I could experience your ‘warm, early’ spring…. I started to make cheese the other day, from a kit I bought when I visited Portland Maine a few months ago. I realized quckly, that I’d forgotten the milk!
    Also, you are lucky; the government is shutting down farmers here who sell raw milk. The government wants to control all aspects of how we feed ourselves.

    I pray someday we will have a real live thinking human being in the presidential office, instead of the pompous and arrogant puppet headed empty suit we have today.

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