Frugal savings weeks 16-26 2014

The last post about the frugal savings was 10 weeks ago! How fast time goes when you grow older… Normal life caught up with me and I struggled to keep on doing what I always do: try to do as much as I can myself and dealing with the balls thrown by life. Trying to keep all the balls in the air is sometimes difficult. Moreover a selfsufficient-ish lifestyle is time intensive and you have to prioritize all the tasks. Unfortunately I had to put an hold to the blogging and the last two weeks I didn’t make any cheese. I seriously feel unbalanced when that happens 🙂

Also flea market season started and it is time to stock up with presents and other household items and of course ‘new’ clothes and bags for the new school year. There is way less ‘stuff’ at the markets and what’s there, is high-prized. Also a lot of people are trying to sell on the internet instead of the ‘old’ ways of selling things. What I also noticed that this year there was an abundance of people who were going to the markets where salespersons. They sell what they find on the internet. Never the less, I was lucky to find good things again. I have very original presents for my mom, pop, sis and her 4 children. The best find was a weaving loom with some kind of hand mechanism instead of a foot peddle. I have no idea how to use it yet. The loom I bought because I want to weave rag rugs. I love the idea to reusing the clothes and other household fabrics which normally would end up in the trash, into convenient rugs.

The last weeks have been busy so it is understandable that I didn’t write on the blog, even though I love writing. While others on the world wide web are so cool in the appearance of their blog and can keep up with their blog entry frequency, I seem to get overwhelmed when times get busy and have to let go of one thing or the other. Trying to live a selfsufficient-ish lifestyle takes up a lot of time and perhaps even more thinking ahead kind of attitude. I haven’t keep up with the blog, but I did keep up with the bigger plan in my head: getting more and more self supportive. I can add weaving rag rugs to my ‘repertoire’ soon. It will be a lovely winter activity. In the mean time I hope I can start cutting up the scraps I have in the closet!