Frugal savings week 28 2014

With the new harvest on the way, it is time to preserve what is still in storage. I still had some potatoes, carrots and onions. I have canned the potatoes, made 4 carrot cakes and curried carrot soup. The rest of the grated carrots, I dehydrated. I made marmalade d’oignons, a lovely saucy-like onion marmalade, made with onions, red currant jelly and some balsamic vinegar. I reckon it is wonderful on (home made) cheese and with all kind of meat plates. The rest of the onions are also in the dehydrator.

Spring onions and celery were on sale so I got some extra to can. I made smoked spring onions pickles and celery pickles. I love experimenting with new condiments and pickles in my pantry. Moreover, I love eating pickles with every meal!
We opened a jar of pickled olive salad and it is seriously nice with boiled eggs or cold meats.

This week I did my diary things as well: I made yogurt, cultured buttermilk, ricotta and fresh farmers cheese. The latter will make a lovely take-to-work lunch. I will add it to a salad and drizzle some home made green pepper vinegar/hot sauce over it.

Blackberries are getting ripe so I will be canning them soon. I decided to can the whole berries in a light syrup, so they can be used in pies and cobblers. But I am sure they will taste fantastic in desserts as well.

I also bought some extra eggplants which I will pressure and then put in oil. That is an Italian way of preserving eggplant. I will make a new blog entry of it.


8 thoughts on “Frugal savings week 28 2014

  1. Hello, I remember you from the “Forum des conserves-maison”! Blackberries will soon be in season here to, I ate my first black-ish ones two days ago. Unless the presentation is important to you, you can also cook them up and can them in their own juices. You still get many solid pieces but it is much less work.

    • HI Tasuki how wonderful to see you here! I should frequent the forum again, but I am faster in wrting English then in French :S
      Last year I did a lot of puree, syrups and jams. I thought I try something else this year šŸ˜€

      • I guess you know the instructions from the USDA for berries? It seems simpler than most other fruits in syrup recipes. I might even give it a try.

        Manon, one administrators from said forum, regulary dehydrates berries, to be used whole or powdered. Unless I remember poorly, you do have a deshydrator, right? That’s one thing I’ve been wanting for a few years now.
        The deshydratation section from her blog can be found here, don’t hesitate to ask if you need help with some translations :

        I got a ful box of free fresh shelling peas past their prime yesterday and promptly canned them up. I know you can related both to the pleasure and pride of having homemade preparations done exactly to your taste, and to the elation at getting excellent fresh food for free!

      • Tasuki, I use a Dutch translation of a German book from the firm Weck. Here is the French version:
        That is canning the old fashioned way. I m not following all their recipes, but the fruit recipes are very basic and nice. I read in this book about plain canning fruits.
        Thanks for the reminder of the blog savoir-faire a conserver. I love her blog. I am going to try some of her recipes, she does an amazing job!
        Thank you for your offer to help out with French. I know where to find you:) I can read French but writing it is way more difficult since I haven’t had a lot of practice lately. And I lack knowledge of French cooking terminology. I should catch up, I know!

        You remembered correctly: I have dehydrators. I thought of making some fruit leathers like I did last year but the problem with blackberries is that they are full of seeds. Especially the wild picked berries. I am still very glad I bought the dehydrators: they are so worth their money. I have a lot of fruits and vegetables dehydrated. Last night I made some granola with hazelnuts, almonds, sesam seeds, coconut, honey. After baking the granola in the oven I added dehydrated cinnamon pears and some dehydrated cranberries. The children love it and eat it as breakfast and they like to snack on it. With my variety of dehydrated fruits, I can make the granola different all the time.

        You are SO lucky with the fresh shelling peas, that must be wonderful to have stored away for the winter!!

  2. hi Xant, glad you are doing well. My daughter and I eat raspberries on our walks in the woods/parks areas around here now. Love them! The only thing I dont like about them is their availability. Only ripe for a very few weeks, then gone til next July! The blackberries/bramble berries aren’t ready yet here. Partly to do with the very very long and cold winter we had. I am eager to see what you do with the eggplant and how to preserve it.

    • Picking raspberries on walks? That must be wonderful! We only have raspberries in the store. I have planted some raspberry bushes in the garden and there were raspberries, about 5 so far :S
      Summer is very early this year, nature is about 1 month early. I missed elderflowers this year because I thought I had more time… I want to start with some bramble berry vinegar this year.

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