Blackberry season 2014 or what to do with blackberries

When I translate the Dutch word ‘braam’ I think of Bramble berry, while I should be thinking blackberry. We love blackberries and this year they are about a month early. Last year was a very good blackberry year and I canned a lot of jars of jams, preserves and syrup. I have still enough left. So I decided to do other things this year. This is what I will do and already did

I made blackberry vinegar. That is so simple to make. Get your blackberries, wash them or treat them you would normally do (I put them in cold water for a while so if there are little worms inside, they will get out). I let the blackberries air dry for a while. Put them in a large jar and cover the blackberries with your vinegar of choice (I use my home made white wine vinegar). Stir the concoction every day twice. After 3 to 5 days strain the vinegar and measure it. I use 450 grams of sugar for every 600 ml of vinegar. Cook the vinegar until the sugar is melted and put them into sterilized jars. I will give them as a gift this year. Blackberry vinegar is lovely to use in salads and in gravies to soften meat.

Another thing I want to do this year with blackberries is cooking them and put the cooked fruits through a sieve. The fruit pulp I will mix with some home made apple sauce and dehydrate it. It will be lovely snacks for the children to take with them to school.

Last thing I intent to do with blackberries is canning them whole in a very light sugar syrup. I want to can more fruits like this so we can make lovely fruit salads when winter comes.

I will post some pictures in a later post.


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