Frugal Savings Week 31 -2014

We are still on a holiday and stay at my parents house. We don’t see them too often so we combine holiday with family gathering. My parents are always abroad for 6 to 8 months. Right after they come back we stay with them, have wonderful meals and even better stories to share and tell.

I try to combine pleasure and stocking up so I go to the city near my parents house and stock up what I think I need for a year. As I said in my last post we have been to the Chinese supermarket and bought all kind of miso pastes and soy products which we can hardly get where I live.

This week we also went to the Big Market and to the Turkish supermarket. I got a LOT of different peppers which will be turned into home made hot sauces. I bought some papayas, which has not yet gotten a destination. I am sure I will cook up something nice. I also bought some sweet potatoes, they are very difficult to get where I live. I stocked up on garbanzo beans, red lentils, black-eyed beans, grits, corn meal, corn and a very big har of red bell pepper paste. I always use this paste where I normally use tomato paste. I think I will dehydrate some paste as well.

I went to a supermarket to get some horseradish in jars. I found a fantastic good deal for canned coconut  for half price 0.49 euro cents per jar, 6 cans black-eyed beans half price  and some jars of olives also for half price.I got 4 jars of my favorite (bought) mayonnaise, 3 bags of green lentils, 7 small bags of corn, all for half price.  I saved 37 euro’s on the normal retail price! That is quite some money imho for items I buy all the time. Now I need to find a place for it all.

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