Frugal Savings until now -2015

Life has been extremely busy at the moment. I work 4 days  and go to school every friday. Even though I work more hours I don’t have more money to spend. So still continuing with trying to make as much as I can myself: bread, cookies, cakes, meals from scratch, home brought lunches etc.

That is quite a challenge: I had to refind my daily routines which was not an easy task but I am getting there. I get up at 5 in the morning and start my day and chores. Here is a list of the things I did do myself the last weeks and saved some money along the way:

* Made marinated dried tomatoes from home dehydrated tomatoes

* Dehydrated breadcrumbs from leftover bread, lovely over any cheesy bake or casserole in the oven. It gives nice crunch.

* Not really a saving but I made an extra shelf next to my fridge where I keep my 20 kilo of wheat. There was some empty space that I didn’t use so I created a space to put some of my big cast iron pans. I have this extremely small kitchen for someone with a lot of kitchen utensils.

* I made some extra shelves for my books. At the moment a lot of people get rid of their books and I can buy new ones for 50 eurocent or 1 euro per book. Lot’s of very good and informative books. I found one yesterday on Tuscany cooking.

* I have dealt with the pumpkins from last years harvest, dehydrated the flesh and grind them in the kitchen machine. Now I can add the powder in breads and cakes.

pompoenpumpkins before dehydration

* Last weekend I got some extra spare time so I went to the local farmer and got 30 liters of milk. I made fresh cheese, yogurt and ricotta.

* I have sorted through all the seeds I have and made a planning for this year’s garden. I hope to be able to sow some seeds this week.

* We made date-coconut balls for snacks.

* Some one gave me 8 Leifheit canning jars which are difficult to find here. I am almost done with organizing my canning jars in the shed.

* We redid the pantry so we could see what kind of products need to be used up soon. I put them on a shelf so I can plan my meals with those products. I don’t like throwing away things. On an average every Dutch person throws out 50 kilo of food per year. I am sure we don’t throw out that much food per person.


7 thoughts on “Frugal Savings until now -2015

  1. I love this post – the epitome of industry & frugality! I was tired for you, though when I finished. Fast food – I have McDonalds not very far away, 3/4 of a mile? Still, it takes awhile to get through the drive through – especially around lunch or dinner. I think I can cook all kinds of things faster!

    • Yes so true! that is what most people do not realize that. I guess. I don’t like fast food in general and I am stubborn enough not to buy fast food.My children even complain when I buy an occasional bread. Sourdough is their favorite bread which, of course takes time and planning (and a good memory) to make. But that said, it feels like juggling with too many balls at the moment. I will get used to it soon (I hope;)).

      • The company I worked for talked about the 80/20 rule. It seemed to apply to just about everything, but it was first discovered with customer service. If they got ratings of 80 percent, there were diminishing returns to satisfy the other 20 percent of the people.

        It seemed harsh at the time and uncaring, but I thought a lot about it over the years and realized I could have used such a rule myself – I think I was burned out at times and worked too hard.

        I guess, what I try to tell my daughter, too, just let some things go. Don’t be too hard on or expect too much of yourself. Take long soaks in the tub, buy the damn bread now and then – haha- and focus on the really important things, like school and the kids!

      • Again so so true! Sometimes life can be very busy and you can’t do everything you want to do, but letting that go is a good skill to have! Now, let me get more practice 😉

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