Frugal savings this week -2015

Not a lot of weekly frugal savings blog posts lately. Unfortunately, because I really like writing about savings, some obvious savings, some more out of the box savings. Weeks just fly by and making a lot yourself just takes a lot of time. I also go weekly to flea markets because it is that time of the year now. I noticed that a lot of less ‘good’ stuff gets to the flea markets, it looks like the older stuff is already been bought and is now getting more rare. I did find some good stuff still:

This week I did my share of pantry cooking:

* I made green lentil/cracked wheat curry with jasmine rice and a salad.
* Some leftover ricotta I turned into an Italian lemon-ricotta cake.
* We had rosemary roasted potatoes in olive oil with canned tomato/bell pepper sauce and some vegetarian ‘meat’.
* Our weekly home made pizza with tomato sauce made from canned tomatoes and all kind of canned toppings like canned peppers and roasted bell pepper. I always make double portion because we can take an extra slice to work or school for lunch.
* I made sour dough bread, our favorite and made another bread with herbs in the Römertopf. All over the world people use clay pot for cooking food. This particular one is a German clay pot used to make all kind of dishes in the oven. You can make all kind of dishes in the Römertopf but it is also wonderful to bake bread. It gives a wonderful crunchy bread.

bread in the Römertopf