New year, new chances

New year, new changes. I have been absent for some time because I have been very busy last year: finishing 2 university courses, trying to get the youngest on track in her first year in highschool, food preservation and of course trying to be as independent as I can. Not all the area’s work out very well (had a big fiasco in my rented allotment) and I am still behind with heaps of laundry. But a new year with a new beginning just started. I have done well the last couple of weeks: fixed my vintage wooden bed, that fell apart, did a lot of decluttering and started a lot of other projects.

This week I hope to do this:


1. Organise desk drawer for laptop and such

2. Organise legumes under the bed storage (under the bed I just repaired)


  1. Youngest daughter’s bed


1. Clean the path way

2. Plant lettuce and other greens


1. Repair some clothes in the clothes-need-repair-basket


1. Make food mostly from the pantry

2. Can apples

3. Dehydrate apples

4. What to do with savoy and red cabbages?

5. Remember to make a soup for lunch from canned goods (today I had tomato soup with crudites to work)



2 thoughts on “New year, new chances

  1. happy new year! I have some goals, too (think I should write them down, so I dont forget! It happens quite often) I am jealous that you can plant lettuce now. We have some very cold weather. Not complaining, it has been pretty mild until this week.

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