Frugal savings 2016 -week 2

Normally I go to the grocery store on saturday evening so I can pick up some vegetables on sale. We don’t eat meat often so I mostly focus on vegetables. Last Saturday I didn’t go to the store: I have so much food on the shelves so I thought I can skip this week. Then I thought: this is quite a good idea because I want to buy some more handy kitchen supplies. I ordered an universal vacuum sealer to go with my solis vacuum sealer.

I also want to get better organised: I made a start with the shed. I need a better place to place my canning jars, canning supplies, cheese making supplies, candle making supplies.

This weekend I started with the candle making supplies: I collected all the bits and ends of old candles I had. I melted them down for later use in a large tin can. I have white, pink, red and some brown wax. These are the red-ish candles I melted:candle wax I also saved some of the wicks from the old candles. I got all the wax bits and pieces from others so the candles I will make are for free.

I am quite happy I started with this huge task of organising the shed. I have still some shelvings in storage which I will use to get the shed more organised. Again no money spend. I need to find a good source for some plastic bins to put my canning jars in.

The other savings will come from:

  • cooking from scratch from food storage
  • no grocery shopping
  • having soup for lunch which I already canned
  • bake bread from scratch





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