Soups: Rutabaga and Pumpkin Soup

Spicy Cream of Rutabaga and Pumpkin Soup

The rutabaga, swede (from Swedish turnip) turnip, yellow turnip, or neep  is a root vegetable that originated as a cross between cabbage and turnip. The roots are prepared for human food in a variety of ways, and the leaves can be eaten as a leaf vegetable. The roots and tops are also used as winter feed for livestock. Rutabaga has an earthy flavor and its taste is somewhat unusual. We love Rutabaga soup, plain or combined with pumpkin which gives a milder flavor and tones down the earthy kohlrabi.

2 chilies, you can use dried chilies as well
1 onion, in cubes
500 grams Rutabaga, diced
500 grams Pumpkin, diced
3 Tbsp oil (sunflower or olive oil)
Bay leaf
½ to ¾ cup heavy cream or to taste
Freshly ground pepper & salt to taste

In a heavy bottom stockpot sweat the onions in 3 Tbsp of oil until softened. Add the Rutabaga and Pumpkin stirring until they are well covered with oil. .

Add the water or stock and add the chilies  and bay leaf. Simmer until the Rutabaga and Pumpkin are soft. Let the soup cool a little bit and take the bay leaf out. Mix the soup in a blender. Pour back in the stockpot and season to taste. Before serving, stir in some cream to taste. Enjoy with some fresh bread.

Frugal savings week 10 – 2014

The weeks pass by so fast, I don´t get done what I want to.Sometimes maintaining what you have going are taking more time, so not a lot of spare time to start new projects.

I continued with reviving my water kefir. No luck yet but perhaps with some more patience I will be able to make some lovely water kefir soon.

The cast iron Dutch oven I seasoned last time turned out very well, but I was not happy with the cast iron waffle iron. I started to reseason that one again.

I ordered some milk kefir and kombucha and started new batches. I started the kefir with store bought milk and it was ready in 1 day. I went to the farmer and got 20 liters of raw milk this time and made Neufchatel cheese (farmer’s cheese) and hard cheese (Gouda type cheese). I also made kefir from the raw milk, which has a lovely, rich flavor.

I baked Dutch pancakes because we had a friend of my youngest over and I baked rye sourdough bread with walnuts. I used up some of the whey I had from the cheese making.

I had some luck with my findings in the thrift store: I found a stainless steel frying pan from BK. Normally those pans are pretty expensive here. This one was obviously not used often and brought it home for only 2,50 euro’s.
I found 2 small canning jars: one weck and one parfait for only 0,25 eurcent a piece. We eat a lot of canned goods right now, but I do want to keep some empty jars in storage so I can can when the opportunity is there.
I also found a very old cheese mould for a small cheese for only 1,50 euro’s. I need to make a top to be able to actually use the cheese, but that will not be a very difficult job (I think).
I also brought home a very nice summer skirt for myself and a dress for my oldest, they were only 2,25 euro each.

Someone heard that I am a canner and she gave me her old canning jars. I think I have a total of 25 different sized jars. I am very happy with them. There were even 4 weck jars from 1.5 liter, which are rarely found. Two of them I can’t use because they are chipped but I use them for storage.

I planted again some broad beans because the other seeds aren’t doing well. Those were old seeds but I did want to try the

Frugal Savings week 9 – 2014

This week I focused on the start of my small garden. I put together the green house I bought last week and got my cold frame started. The seeds i have started indoors are doing very well. Especially the rocket lettuce. It was really nice to work in the garden in between the rain showers. When I am in the garden, I let the 2 chickens walk free. They love to be around me because I give them the best worms in the garden…

I had  kilo of china beans put them into portions and put them in the freezer for later use.

I made a new starter for sourdough. I love sourdough but sometimes don’t take the time to bake the bread. When you make a sourdough after a couple of days of feeding you pour off about half of the sourdough. Then you start feeding what was left. But I don’t like to waist the part that I poured off so I used that in small sourdough pancakes. It is a very simple recipe: 4 cups of flour with 1 cup of sourdough and 1 cup of the sourdough. Then mix in some baking powder, salt and 2 eggs. I made it in the morning and let it rest on the counter. At lunch I made the pancakes and they are really nice. If you want to bake thinner pancakes, simply half the cups (2 in stead of 4) of flour.

I still had some water kefir grains but there was no life in the bottle anymore. I am trying to ‘revive’ them, but until now it doesn’t seem they are going to do so… I did order some milk kefir grains and a kombucha mother. It would be nice to make some home made fizzy drinks again.

I had quite some fennel bulbs which I love. I made them into a salty souper mix. I use that to make my soups. You know I love soups for lunch. I try to take soups with me to work and this week I made kohlrabi-pumpkin soup, creamy coconut-cauliflower soup and cabbage whey soup.

I got another 10 liters raw milk from the farmer and made fresh farmer cheese and buttermilk. Last week I also made some fresh, soft cheese and I loved to take it with me to work with some home made green Tabasco sauce and homemade rye/wheat bread.
Besides the fresh cheese I also made some buttermilk.

Last year I bought 2 cast iron pans at flea markets. One is just a small Dutch oven but missing the handle. Another one is a very old waffle iron. I think it misses its cast which they put on the wood stove. I think it will be alright to use on the gas stove now, but I am not sure. I bought the first pan for 3 euro’s and the waffle iron for 5 euro’s. Not too expensive so I was willing to take the risk with the buy. Both pans were a bit rusty so last week I spend one evening scrubbing and re-seasoning with some help of the oven. The Dutch oven turned out beautifully, but the waffle iron needed another treatment.